\\\\\\\\2014//////// (31 shows)

2014.04.02 Taproom with Alien Hellbop, and Anson the Ornery
2014.04.20 Gaslight with Alex Chanay solo
2014.05.02 Replay with Radkey, Stiff Middle Fingers (w/ Colin Jones on bass)
2014.05.04 Granada Love Garden birthday party with Woods, Quilt
2014.06.22 Eighth Street Taproom with Badger, Maybe Not
2014.06.28 Bottleneck Field Day Fest
2014.07.03 Recording @ Love Garden with Jim
2014.07.04 Recording @ Love Garden with Jim
2014.07.04 Replay with KTP, The People's Punk Band
2014.07.05 Replay with The Magentlemen, The Everymen
2014.07.19 Farmesan Forever Fest
2014.07.24 Replay with Melting Point of Bronze, Major Games for Jerome's Birthday
2014.08.07 Eighth Street Taproom with Brother Gruesome
2014.08.16 Frank's with Melting Point Of Bronze
2014.08.19 Replay with Maybe Not, the Everymen
2014.09.02 Record Bar with Dead Native, Spirit Animal, a Gecko Named Terrence (First Show with Shirts)
2014.09.03 Eighth Street Taproom with Cumstain, Arc Flash
2014.09.26 EARLY Bottlneck with Mike Watt
2014.09.26 LATE Replay with Black Cobra, Lo-Pan
2014.09.27 Love Garden with Varma Cross (First Tape Release)
2014.10.17 Davey's Uptown in KC with Hidden Planets and Varma Cross (Recorded)
2014.10.18 Replay with Cop Knock (Debut), Belt Notch, and Digester (GD tour kickoff show)
2014.10.20 Melt in St. Louis with Shistorm, Path Of Might, Van Buren
2014.10.21 Mag Bar in Louisville with Waxeater
2014.10.29 Happy Dog in Cleveland with Insurance Salesman (cancelled), The Paperhead
2014.11.01 The Wisco in Madison WI with ???
2014.11.03 Gabe's Oasis in Iowa City with the Patriots, Columba Fasciata, Alex Body
2014.11.04 Sweatshop Gallery in Omaha NE with Lunch, Summer Job
2014.11.16 Replay with the Everymen and Varma Cross
2014.11.24 Replay with Shitstorm followed by Karaoke
2014.12.01 The Union in Westport with Psychic Heat, Drugs & Attics


2015.01.09 Replay with Seakings, Temp Tats
2015.02.05 Live at KJHK on the radio
2015.02.05 The Union In Westport with Medusa, Joy
2015.02.28 Jackpot with Tire Fire, The Sluts, Spencer Mackenzie Brown, Nicholas St. James
2015.03.05 Replay with Ponyboy, Acoustic Guillotine
2015.03.06 Vandals with Acoustic Guillotine, Kurt Vee (Didn't show up)
2015.03.07 Pizza Power House (1221 Conn) with Red House, Acoustic Guillotine
2015.03.13 Bottleneck with The Sluts, Psychic Heat
2015.03.30 Vandals in KC with the Everymen and Varma Cross (last show at Vandals)(begin tour with Everymen)
2015.03.31 Replay with the Everymen and Varma Cross
2015.04.01 Duffy's Tavern in Lincoln NE with The Everymen, White Mystery, Red Cities
2015.04.02 Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines with the Everymen, Person Whale
2015.04.03 The Mutiny in Chicago with the Everymen, Poison Sword Mountain, Club Malos, Ignition Control (end tour with Everymen, drove home all night)
2015.04.04 Duncan's House with Melting Point Of Bronze, Hyperbor
2015.04.18 Replay with Shitstorm, Cop Knock, This Is My Condition (tour kickoff with Shitstorm, begin shitstorm tour)
2015.04.19 Sound Pony in Tulsa with Shitstorm, Dead Shakes, Merlin Mason (First show with KS shirts)
2015.04.20 Heavy Anchor in St Louis with Shitstorm, Big Blonde, Spelling Bee
2015.04.21 PG in Evansville IN with Shitstorm and NAGAS
2015.04.22 Rake's End in Cincinatti with Shitstorm, Mark Zero and the Cavemanagers, Go Go Buffalo
2015.04.23 Cafe Bourbon in Columbus OH with Shitstorm, Army Of Infants, Weird Science, Food Will End The War
2015.04.24 Happy Dog in Cleveland, OH with Shitstorm, Palestras
2015.04.25 Dag House in Cleveland, OH with Heart Attack Man, Comedy Bathroom
2015.04.26 Elijah in Detroit with Shitstorm, Bonehead, Grand Junction (Bonehead are shitholes)
2015.04.27 The Mutiny in Chicago with Shitstorm, Georgia O'Queef, Cornstar Farmer's Market Pornstar Coinstar, Il Soffitto
2015.04.28 Quarters in Milwaukee WI with Shitstorm, Cinco Boys, Brat Sounds
2015.04.30 Mickey's in Madison WI with Shitstorm, Cowboy Winter
2015.05.01 Riverboat House in Minneapolis MN with Shitstorm, Vats, Daisy Chains
2015.05.02 Yacht Club in Iowa City with Shitstorm, Acoustic Guillotine, Speakerwire Collins
2015.05.03 Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines IA with Shitstorm, Goldblums (stiffed)
2015.05.04 The Union in KC with Shitstorm and Kool 100s
2015.05.06 8th Street Taproom with Stiff Middle Fingers, Dead Girls as "We Must Be Stopped" (three birthdays)
2015.05.16 Replay with Oils, Samuel Locke Ward, Your Friend, Joe Jack Talcum, Arc Flash, Spirit Is The Spirit, Psychic Heat (Spring Into Summer)
2015.05.19 Ed Schrader's Music Beat, South Bitch Diet
2015.05.20 FOKL with Barfth, Jim Brown (Bummer no showed)
2015.05.24 Replay with Foul Tip, Psychic Heat (Will & Katie's reception)
2015.05.29 Vinyl Renaissance Sandbox with Bludded Head, Digester, Murrum, Hubris
2015.06.03 8th Street Taproom with Father Orson, American Thunder Band (formerly Texas Instruments)
2015.06.20 Replay with Brother Gruesome
2015.06.27 Jackpot with Eyes Of Iolite, Young readers, Philistines, Psychic Heat, Spencer Brown Band (Lawrence Field Day Fest)
2015.07.11 Replay with Dead Shakes, Mr. & Mrs, Ghost Bones (AR)
2015.07.16 Replay with Joy (CA), Voyager
2015.07.18 Love Garden with Bummer (10" EP Release)
2015.07.31 Record Bar with Radkey, Amanda X (PA), Spirit Of The Beehive (PA)
2015.08.18 Chum Bucket with Buildings (MN), Bummer
2015.08.21 Frank's North Star Tavern with Calliope (MKE), Maybe Not
2015.08.31 Kirby's in Wichita with Mystery Blood, Living Ghost, Love Moon (CA)
2015.09.06 Bottleneck with Sonder, Sovereign States (Taking Back Monday Reuinion) [Recorded]
2015.09.25 Bottleneck with Radkey, Peoples Punk Band
2015.10.10 Replay with Shitstorm, Kemosabe
2015.10.11 Kirby's in Wichita with Shitstorm, World Palestine
2015.10.31 Replay with Major Games, Young Bull, Baiowolf
2015.11.14 Frank's North Star Tavern with Plaguebot (ICT), Digester
2015.11.28 Replay with Nicholas St. James, Dean Monkey & The Dropouts (Had to cancel)
2015.12.16 Replay with Young Bull, Carousel (Carousel had to cancel, van flipped)
2015.12.31 Replay with The Fog, Approach, Arc Flash


2016.01.14 8th street taproom with Bummer and The Fog (Cancelled by both other bands)
2016.01.15 Granada with Arc Flash, Sluts, Young Bull, Gland, Wides (LKxRR Showcase)
2016.03.12 All Star Rock Bar in KC with Young Blood Supercult, Pyridial, Custom Black
2016.03.17 Tomb Of Tons in Wichita with Pallet Town, Information Welfare, Mystery Blood
2016.03.18 Soundpony in Tulsa with Dead Shakes, Brother Gruesome
2016.03.19 Guildhal in OKC with Brother Gruesome, Curse
2016.03.20 CBGB in STL with Beach Bodies, Brother Lee and the Leather Jackals
2016.03.21 Replay with Everymen (followed by Karaoke)
2016.04.20 KSDB studios in Manhattan, live on the air
2016.04.22 Replay with Young Bull, Way Back When (Tour Kickoff)
2016.04.23 Trumpet Blossom in Iowa City with Acoustic Guillotine, Last Will and the Testaments
2016.04.24 High Dive in Milwaukee with ??, ??
2016.04.26 Now That's Class in Cleveland with Wooley Bear, We Live By Night
2016.04.28 Gooski's in Pittsburgh with Stone Cold Killer
2016.04.30 Alganistan in Evansville IN with Nagas
2016.05.01 Lost Cross in Carbondale IL with Shitstorm
2016.05.02 San Loo in St. Louis with Van Buren, Staghorn
2016.05.03 Backspace in Fayeteville with Shistorm, Pagiins, Piss Shivers (Cops got called, Pagiins didn't play)
2016.05.04 Soundpony in Tulsa OK with Shitstorm, Kingdom Of The Holy Sun, Cucumber And The Suntans
2016.05.05 South Lulu Temple of Doom in Wichita with Shitstorm, Living Ghost
2016.05.06 Replay with Shitstorm, Rev Gusto, Man Vs Animal (originally at Blind Tiger but got cancelled)
2016.05.21 Replay with Young Bull, Sluts (YB tour kickoff)
2016.05.23 Foam in St. Louis with Young Bull, Voidgazer
2016.05.24 Backspace in Fayeteville with Young Bull, Sad Palomino (shut down by the cops... again)
2016.05.25 89th Street Collective in OKC with Young Bull, Cobrajab, Brother Gruesome
2016.05.26 Beerland in Austin TX with Young Bull, Summit, Bahamacide
2016.05.27 1912 Club in Fort Worth with Young Bull, Dead Mockingbirds
2016.05.28 Soundpony in Tulsa with Young Bull, Merlinmason (Early Show)
2016.05.29 Kirby's Beer Store in Wichita with Young Bull, Fairness
2016.06.05 Wichita River Fest opening for FLAG!
2016.06.10 Replay with Varma Cross, the Everymen
2016.07.04 Replay with Psychic Heat, Brody Buster Band
2016.07.08 Bone Church House with Wides, Better Friend, Laissez-Faire
2016.07.15 Mills Records in KCMO with Freight Train Rabbit Killer, Parents, Emmaline Twist
2016.07.30 Liberty Hall with Anson the Ornery, Way Back When
2016.08.10 Replay with Hyperbor, After Nations
2016.08.12 Kirby's Beer Store in Wichita with Psychic Heat, Arc Flash (World palestine last minute cancel)
2016.08.13 Soundpony in Tulsa with Dead Shakes, Psychic Heat, Arc flash et al
2016.08.19 Jazzhaus with Brody Buster Band
2016.08.27 Bottleneck with Truth Cell, Young Bull, Way Back When, One Jack Short, Melting Point of Bronze (Jay TB memorial show)
2016.09.02 Walnut St. Gallery ICT Fest with a ton of folks
2016.09.11 Dag House in Cleveland with Wooly Bear, Arc Flash, Jabberjosh
2016.09.12 Now That's Classin Cleveland with Wooly Bear, Arc Flash
2016.09.23 Quinton's Topeka with Stiff Middle Fingers, Lo Pan's Revenge
2016.09.29 Replay with Varma Cross, Dark Satellites
2016.10.31 Replay with Stone Grower, Raymond
2016.11.03 8th Street Taproom with Mystery Blood, Arc Flash
2016.11.11 Haunted Kitchen redux with Macemouth, Hot and Ugly, Wides
2016.11.12 Forever Fest at Studio B with Psychic Heat, Karma Vision, toughies, Wides, Invisible Public Library (first show at Studio B)
2016.11.20 Guest DJ's on Malicious Intent KJHK 90.7
2016.11.25 Replay with Maybe Not, Summer Salt (7" release show)
2016.12.09 Aftershock in KC with Hyborian, Sons Of Mourning
2016.12.16 Empire Billiards with Horned Wolf, Hyperbor
2016.12.27 Interviewed by Mike Watt for Watt From Pedro Show
2016.12.31 Replay with Nature boys, Vivid Zebra, Karma Vision